It’s almost therapeutic to watch my son play as toddler. We’ve found a good balance where my heart doesn’t skip a beat every time he runs full stride and I fear that he’ll fall down and crack his head Humpty Dumpty style. We’ve built enough trust that I can stand to let him run out of the room and out of my sight – but for only as long as I can hold my breath. I am in constant awe and anxiety of watching this little human being grow.

I watch what his eyes see. How focused he is on the minute details hand-painted on the children’s train set or following the smooth curve of the colorful wires as he pushes a singular block from one end to the other.

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Therapy in Playtime

They (as in, my counselor) say we have to untrain ourselves to multi-task.

We have to untrain ourselves from multi-tasking. As per my counselor. Click To Tweet

That sometimes we have to relearn to just focus on one single thing… be mindful and intentional of or actions.

When I watch son play, I don’t care what’s happening on my phone, what’s outside of this room, or even in my periphery. He is my sole focus. I am immersed in his experiences. I want to relearn the world through his eyes… And for those moments, where he has my undivided attention, I am privileged to see the world for the first time, all over again.

I am privileged to see the world for the first time, all over again. #motherhood Click To Tweet


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September 11, 2017

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